Monday, May 13, 2013

Is Your Windshield Covered?

Is your windshield covered?  Okay, I don't mean like with the dead carcasses of the summertime bugs with a poor sense of direction, I mean is your windshield covered by your auto insurance company?  I found out the hardway, that not all auto insurance quotes and insurance premiums include windshields.

When you decide to get an auto insurance quote from a company like Geico, AllState, State Farm, or any others of the auto insurance companies, be sure to verify your windshield is covered.  In most cases, it can be included in your comprehensive policy.

The auto insurance companies with online quote platforms may show a checkbox or have a disclaimer somewhere indicating what the policy includes and what is an addon.  With Geico, I found out that there is a checkbox to indicate if you want to opt-in for windshield coverage.

I discovered the error and made sure my policy was updated and in seconds my policy included windshield coverage! Online insurance quotes is easy, isn't it.  Oh wait, now if I was as efficient as the online quote system for auto insurance.

My fatal mistake was my delay in getting my windshield repaired.  Turns out that the coverage is at not charge as long as it can be repaired!  I waited too long and one day on my nice drive to work in the GPA (Grandpas Park Avenue), CRACK!  the entire windshield had a horizontal crack in it.  Turns out a nice solid hit in a GPA with poor shocks on a cold day will take a rock chip in the windshield and greatly expand it.

After a short call to the insurance company for repair, I discovered that it cannot be repaird and had to be replaced and that it would go against my deductible.  Insert frownie face emoticon here!

What windshield horror stories do you have to share?

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